Monday, April 12, 2021

Another Signature from a Journal...

Today has been a bit cooler and damp.  It hasn't rained yet but there is mist in the air so the cold goes right through your body!   And, of course, the sun is not shining which makes it feel cooler.

The guild meeting on Saturday was good and the speaker had lots of information on both needles and thread that I was happy to learn.

I have read a few more mysteries that were fairly good.  I am making the most of the last few days of the Kindle Unlimited trial.  

The three latest books that I have read and would recommend are:

Message for Murder:  Rutledge Historical Society Mystery by Jerri Kay Lincoln.

A Very English Murder:  A Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery Book by Verity Bright

Murder In The Valleys:  A Cosy Welsh Crime Mystery Full of Twists by Pippa McCathie

I have pictures of another signature (journals) that I made a few weeks back.  I still have not bound the signatures but I did decide that only three signatures would be bound into a journal.

I have been keeping track of the trial...and then to have another questionable stop of a military person and, again, the death of a young person by the police in the Twin Cities area.  We do have a problem with policing in the nation.  I hope that we will face up to that situation sooner rather than later.  I fear what could happen if we don't...

See you tomorrow...