Thursday, April 8, 2021

Duchess Demolition Done For Now!

Another great the mid to high 70's.  The boys took the canoe out this afternoon to 'fish'.  Actually, I think they are just getting used to using it trolling around lakes...just enjoying time in nature!

So, after several hours and lots of frustration, I finally got the shelf and cupboard detached.  And, I did it without having to break anything.  

I can reuse the cupboard snuggled up close to the kitchen cabinets for an extra place to store whatever.  The long top is in one piece also and will be reused as a book shelf.  

I did not have to cut through the screws, I was finally able to unscrew everything...and that's a lot because there were 32 screws in this small area...32!  With different heads and extremely tricky to get to.  Think a cupboard 12 inches wide and deep and 24 inches high with two shelves inside...get it.  And the screws were at different angles.  I did not know that this old body was still able to do all those acrobatic positions needed!  Oh well, it's done and I can reuse both pieces.  

I did find some water damage inside the walls.  A small spot that doesn't show.  I am not going to do anything with it now because there is no water nor is it damp.  But later on if I want to tackle taking the wall down and putting up a different one, it will be fully accessible.  Tomorrow I will begin building the platform for the daybed.

Once the daybed is finished, then I will make the shelf over the wheel well that would be for books, dvds, etc.   I am also considering making a small wall shelf inside the door to the right.  There is nothing on that wall and I could make it floor to ceiling.  Maybe about three inches wide and with a dowel running from side to side on each shelf to keep things in place.  

That's all for now.  See you tomorrow...