Monday, April 5, 2021

Cleaning Thoughtfully...

Today was bright and sunny and warm...especially in the sun.  Unfortunately, I was in the house cleaning.  It had been a while and the house looked kind of sad.  But the main floor is done.  Tomorrow my area downstairs and finishing up the patio.

Then on Wednesday, I will begin to spend serious time with Duchess.  If I don't start now, it will be time to leave without anything built.  And I don't relish sleeping on the floor.

So the trial continues.  I am not sure what the defense is going to be able to present to defend the actions but as we all know, there have been videos of horrible actions before and no one was convicted!

Easter, this past weekend and Passover, the weekend comment that stood out for me during these holidays was very interesting.  I wish I could remember who said it, but  it goes like this 'Stories do not have to be factual to be true!'  Very interesting thought to consider.

See you tomorrow...