Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Our purpose is love...

The weather was once again beautiful.  I did finish cleaning my bedroom area but then I spent time putting the patio together.  And best of all, I sat down in the sunlight and enjoyed the warmth!

The trial continues.   Again, for those of us who care it brings it all back and we suffer once again.

I am reading a book about life and purpose.  It's interesting.  If you have ever been to or seen a Unitarian Universalist Church, part of their covenant states:  "Love is the spirit of this church; and service is its prayer.'

In the book I am reading, the author posits that our purpose is love.

A different take than the covenant but somewhat the same.   An interesting take on life and purpose.  

I am also reading a Laura Child's Tea Shop Mystery.  It's one of a handful of series that I do keep up current.  I also love Anne Perry's Thomas (and Charlotte) Pitt series as well as Carolyn Hart's Death on Demand series.

I have the plans ready to build the daybed platform and shelf in Duchess which I plan to begin tomorrow bright and early.  All the wood is in the trailer along with the tools I need.  Here's hoping things go without any hitches!!!

See you tomorrow...