Tuesday, January 18, 2022

January 18: Affirmations

Well, Izzy stopped by and dropped about four to five inches of snow followed by rain!  No ice except what froze last night.  It's sunny today and in the 30's...things are melting and tomorrow it will be in the 40's so I expect much of the snow will be gone.   We did not get any of the wind that many areas experienced.  A good thing because the weight of the snow with the added wind would have caused major outages.  

So this week I want to focus on affirmations.   Basically affirmations of yourself!  How do you talk/think about yourself?  

We all experience momentary times of saying or thinking uncomplimentary things about ourselves.  And most of us have even experienced larger situations which for a short period of time cause us to question whether our actions, words or thoughts were in our best interest.  Most times we live and learn and go on.

What I would like you to consider is whether you constantly berate yourself...if you talk or think about yourself in negative terms.  And how those utterances or thoughts affect you.  

Some folks talk/think about themselves in negative terms out of habit, some because they have low esteem and think very little of themselves.  For others, they have a deep seated aspect that may require work with a professional.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of self-esteem stopping talking/thinking about yourself in negative terms can help you feel better about yourself.  

Even if you do not talk/think about yourself in negative terms, how often do you talk/think about yourself in positive terms?  How often to you congratulate yourself for accomplishing something?  Not considering anything positive about yourself can often be just as bad as saying negative things.

Take a few minutes today and consider how you talk/think about yourself?  How you write about yourself if you're on social media?  Make a note of both the negative and positive occurrences.  

Talk with you tomorrow...

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