Thursday, December 22, 2011


I finished shopping - including groceries for baking - today.   Actually, I still may go out just to browse.   I really love those Christmas Crowds, canned Christmas Music and silly Christmas decorations...especially the fuzzy animals that sing, dance and in general drive everyone else crazy.   Does that mean I've lost it?    If so, I guess I'll have to find it sooner or later!!!  I hope all of you are finding enjoyment.   You too can walk around with a silly smile on your face and take in the energy and love and chaos!!!

I found a couple new things this week that I wanted to share with you.  

First of all, I wanted to let you know about a great free-be.   It's a new eBook titled 'Project Ideas for All Occasions From Paper to Fabric.   Volume 1 eCraft Creations from Craftwell'.   It's at FaveCrafts.   Check it out.   As a matter of fact, while you are there check out all their free crafty eBooks.   They have several and download time is extremely quick.

Second is a new journal that I purchased.   This is called 'The Sacred Journey:   Daily Journal for Your Soul 2012'.   This is the seventeenth edition of this journal...I've never run across it before but it is widely available including from Amazon.   It's intriguing and includes many ways to look are the new year.

Tomorrow is baking day.   I'm going to whip up some fruitcake cupcakes and cranberry steamed pudding, maybe even a batch of cookies (or two).

Take time for yourself and enjoy the holidays.

Thanks for stopping by...