Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Did You Make It?

That is, did you make it through the Holidays?   I hope you did and that you had a wonderful, exciting, fulfilling and joyous time.   I did.   Spent time both in Maine and in NYC.   Even got to see The Rock Tree with lights and no scaffolding!!!

But can you believe that it really is 2012?   Wow!   What was 2011 like for you?   Lots of change, or same old, same old?   For me, there was change in giant proportions...but I did make it and am looking forward to the next chapter as I discover and create my new live.   

Did you notice that my 2012 words are new:   Create and Discover.   Last year's words 'Courage and Perseverance' were really put to the test with the major change in my life.   This year, I decided that it was time to change the focus from 'making it' to 'creating it'...the 'it' being my new life.

I have joined a couple year long online classes.   Journaling with Roses on  My Table and the Creative Explorer's Club with Linda Matthews.     And so, I intend to spend time creating and here's the beginning of my first collage...

The kitties made it through the holidays just fine and I can generally find them in their usual position...

I received some very nice Christmas Presents this year but one especially stands out and it was from my daughter.   It was a "Twelve Days of Christmas" gift...twelve individual small gifts to be opened one day at a time from Christmas to Epiphany.   The theme was crafting so all the items were craft items (How divine!).   She wrapped them individually in empty toilet paper rolls.

Now this is great on two levels...first of all, reusing an item normally discarded;  but, second, I needed the tp rolls because I want to make a journal using empty toilet paper rolls.   Have you seen any on the internet...some of them are absolutely beautiful.

I redid my blog...hope you like it.
Thanks for stopping by...