Monday, January 23, 2012

What A Weekend!!!

Both the Patriots and the Giants won!!!   Who knew...   The games were really good.   Either team could have won right down to the end.   Wow!   Wonder what this portends for the Super Bowl?   Guess I'll have to watch to see how the game turns out!!!

I didn't work much in the trailer this weekend, but I do have the shelving arranged.   Now that I've seen it, I think I will still surround the three stacks with a deep shelving unit...about 10 to 12 inches deep and secured to the wall.  

I'm excited about the number of shelves...they should hold all the supplies that I want to take along on the ride.

Here's the latest on my Mixed Media Page that involves layering.  Layering is interesting.   I haven't quite decided if I'm comfortable with it or not.

I've also started work on my Altered Journal Swap.  The steps I've done so far are to apply a linen fabric to both the front and the back of the journals.   On the front, I then applied spring colored calico fabric in a crazy quilt pattern, then a ribbon on the bound edge.   That was followed by a layer of lace and finally a strip of lace on the bound edge.   The front is now ready to be decorated. 

On the back I applied a piece of embroidery plus another piece of calico fabric on the bottom.   I plan on adding the name of the person receiving the swap on the calico and finally a layer of lace.   That will probably be all I do to the back, at least that's my plan for now.

I will be decorating some of the pages on the inside, especially the front inside cover page.   The journals are not identical but here's a couple pictures of one of them so far...

Warm weather returned today...the snow is melting.   Tomorrow is even warmer.   That's good because there's a pile of ice and snow in front of the trailer.   I'm quite sure I won't be able to pull it out unless that pile is gone.

Take some time and relax this evening...

Thanks for stopping by...