Friday, April 13, 2012

The French Quarter

I again zipped down to the Quarter late this morning.   The crowds were already piling in.   This is the week of the Music Festival.   Unfortunately, most of my pictures didn't turn out.   I think I need a new battery because they were fuzzy.

When I was driving around I wound up at one of the levies.   Don't ask me why I didn't turn around and take a picture of the actual levy...but I didn't...

I managed to save a couple pictures from the Quarter.   The second one was through the car window.   I'm pretty sure that the Cafe Du Monde is down the street on the left on that one.

I found driving around the Quarter similar to driving around in Manhattan with the exception that the Quarter is a much smaller area.   Another distinct difference is that everyone walks very slowly here. 

It was exciting and lots of fun to visit the Quarter again.   I've been here several times and have found something new to enjoy each time.    A visit to New Orleans is something to experience at least once in a lifetime if possible.  

I also managed to save one picture of the downtown, albeit a small area.   And one of the Superdome.   I remember seeing the Superdome when it was first built.   It appeared really large and was out in the open.   No more...

I plan on doing some crafting and making sure the taxes are okay before I send them in electronically this weekend.    What are your plans?   I encourage you to take some time for yourself.

Monday, I'm off to Houston.

Thanks for visiting...