Thursday, April 12, 2012

Raining Once Again!!!

I'll post more pictures of New Orleans tomorrow.   I haven't had time to download them yet.   But, I do have a couple more pictures of roses to share with you.

Besides sightseeing, today also ended up as a work day.   I decided to rearrange the kitchen.   Rather than keep the food on the lower shelves and the appliances on the upper shelves, I switched them.   Now I will have a better handle on what food I have on hand.

But that wasn't the major work.   It was also bill paying day and tax time.   Joy!!!   Not one of my favorite past times.   How about you, have you finished your taxes?

Rain is moving in, again!  I'm beginning to believe that it's following me!!!!

Have you ever watched the show Midsomer Murders starring John Nettles.   I have been watching the series and have thoroughly enjoyed it.   If you like English murder mysteries, you should check these out. 

Well, the lightening is getting rather close...

Thanks for spending some time here...

Enjoy your evening...