Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Was Your Weekend?

I hope you had time to just sit back and enjoy yourself.   I also hope you took the time to thank those who support our country by serving in the Armed Forces.

My weekend was very nice, I have to say.   Saturday I watched my Saturday 'programs'...things like my cooking shows, gardening shows and house shows!   I haven't got satellite tv in my trailer so it's been a while since I've seen many of them.

Sunday...well...what do you say when you wake up to 33 degrees and snow?!?!?!  We were late to church...guess the snow through off our schedule!!!!

The afternoon turned out quite a bit better.   We decided to see the Air Show at the Air Force Base in Ogden.   The weather was cold to cool but we dodged all the rain.

It was fun seeing/walking into all the airplanes.   This one was my favorite.  (By the way, there were so many folks at the airshow that it was hard to take pictures without lots of folks in them.)
That plane was just plain enormous!!!

Our luck held up because we were able to see the Thunderbirds.   They do put on quite a show.   Because of the rain, I didn't bring my big camera.   But I was able to get a few pictures.  The first two show the planes, which are basically white with red accents, all lined up and then proceeding to the take-off area...

I couldn't take close-ups, so the planes are very small in the pictures below and you have to look for them.   But let me tell you that their performance was fantastic, even in bad weather...

Monday we bar-be-qued with family and friends...just a relaxing day.   We did try two very different recipes.   The first one was watermelon salad (seen on the Katie Brown Workshop).   It may not sound appetizing, but it was really good. 

We did change the original recipe a bit.   Here's what we put in our version:   Watermelon cut into cubes, about six cups; crumbled feta cheese, about 3/4 cup; fresh mint leaves torn into small pieces; a little olive oil; about 1/8 cup sugar; a bit of salt and lots of pepper plus balsamic vinegar.   The original recipe called for a sliced hot pepper and no balsamic vinegar.

This salad should be made shortly before serving and it does not keep well but the flavor is very distinctive.

The second recipe we tried was bar-be-que pizza.   Before everyone arrived we tore pieces of the pizza dough (frozen) into shapes about the size of your hand, brushed olive oil on both sides and placed them on the grill to partially cook them (about 2 minutes per side).

We also precooked several items like onions, mushrooms, summer squash, etc.   Along with mozzarella cheese we had feta and blue cheese.   When guests arrived, they could then make their own pizza and grill it for a few minutes to melt the cheese.   These were great appetizers!!

Hope your week goes just fine...

Thanks for stopping by...