Friday, July 20, 2012


I don't particularly care for heat, but when the thermometer reaches 105 degrees...I'm basically a couch potato (without the tv) lounging in front of the cool stream of air from the ac!   And it's been that hot in Rapid City, SD.  

I did spend one night at Devil's Tower, WY.   The campsite was a nice place (hot, but not this hot!) right next to the National Park.   They run 'Close Encounters...' frequently.

At any rate here are some pictures...

It's an interesting structure unlike anything around it. 

The Indian Folktale about the rock features a bear chasing after some small children.  They run to the rock which is very low and climb on.   The rock grows to keep the children safe.   The scratches on the side are from the bear who is unable to reach them.

Another hot day today but it's supposed to be cooler the 90's!   Yeah, that's really cool!!!

I will post the pictures from the All-American Beartooth Drive soon.   Even looking at the pictures reminds me how insane - but beautiful - this ride was for that afraid of heights!!!!

Have a great weekend...keep cool...remember fall is but a few weeks away.   And football is even closer!!!!

Thanks for stopping by....