Thursday, October 4, 2012


That's right, another day of solid rain.  

The place is filling up with rv's.   I guess this really is the last holiday weekend of the season.   I just hope it stops raining soon so I can actually do some leaf peeping before all the leaves are on the ground!!!

Here are pictures of my new digs.   It's an old house in a shotgun style.   There's a living room, dining room and kitchen on the main floor.  

My pictures do not seem to capture the size and color too well...of course, it was very cloudy and foggy.  This is the living room.   The top picture is about the right color...

My plan is to turn the dining room into my studio.   Again, it's a lot larger than it appears in the pictures.

 It's actually about twice as large as it looks.   On the wall with the small door, I can place three, maybe four shelves.

So, suggestions anyone?   I plan on scouring the used furniture shops, flea markets and yard sales over the next months to find a large surface to use.   I'm thinking maybe a desk, but not sure.   Maybe a flat door on sawhorse type legs.   I used a plastic table in my studio before, but I want something a bit more solid to sew on.  

Also, I do a lot of things in my studio from fabric arts to mixed media.   And I would like to be able to keep projects out so I can work on more than one at a time.

Well, at any rate, this is going to be fun.   There's a highway close by...I don't see it but I hear it.   AND I love it...reminds me of living in NYC!!!   Okay, so you now know that I'm a bit crazy.

By the way, the next inchie swap at Roses is due November 15th.   If you'd like to take part, go to Roses On My Table and ask to join the Inch by Inch swap.   I'll sent you an invite and you're in.   Best of all, it's free.   So come on by and have some fun.

Thanks for dropping in...

Enjoy your evening...