Friday, November 16, 2012

Doodling and Inchies

I needed a break from working on the house and trailer so I spent a few hours doodling and working on my inchies.

I love the colorful doodles.   The first one was done with colored pencils and second one with permanent markers.

I like the brilliance of the markers but the different colors from overlapping the shapes in the colored pencil doodle are interesting.

I also did some hot glue gun work.   Yes, you ask, what would you do with a hot glue gun?   Well, lots of things, but I decided to try to make shapes to use for rubbings.

I actually liked working with foil but I found that it took some time to cut out around the shapes using a craft knife.   The circle shape on the bottom right has no foil backing.   The rest of the shapes are foil backed.    I haven't tried it but I think if you use parchment paper, the shapes will peel off easily.  

Folks are using glue guns to create lots of things including jewelry.  Can you think of other things to create using a glue gun and glue?

Finally, I finished my inches for this month's swap.   The theme was time and I decided to settle on fall.   Orange, of course!!

It's the last weekend before Thanksgiving Day...still having a hard time believing it's almost here.

Thanks for visiting...

Have a great weekend...don't forget football!!!!