Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I hope everyone celebrated this Memorial Day Weekend with thoughtfulness and enjoyment.   Although this is not Monday, I will be posting Monday Moments today as well as an abbreviated Traveling Tuesdays post.    You will also find a new Weekly Journal Prompt.

Do you know anyone who sees the glass half empty instead of half full?  Someone who sees only the despair of life instead of the hope of life?  Maybe you only see the glass half empty yourself.   My goodness with all the negative news bombarding us from all sides, it's easy to succumb and just throw up our hands and cry 'uncle'.

But is that anyway to live?  Giving in and walking away from life just doesn't work.  And by that I mean having the attitude that no matter what you do nothing will get better so you give up trying.  Maybe you become a total couch potato watching endless tv or playing games.  Or maybe you become obsessive with you job leaving no time for anything else.

Stop.   Look at that glass again.  Even if the amount of water only equals a fourth of the glass..if you look at that and think...”Wow, it's a fourth full!”...your whole outlook on life changes to one of hopefulness.    And you know what, with that outlook, you become happier and can see more opportunities for your life.

It's like when you buy a new car, all of a sudden you see more cars like the one you just bought.  More than likely, they were always there.  But now that you have one, they become more apparent to you. It's that way with life...the more hope you have, the more hope you see.  It's what you look for that matters.  So, why not look for hope this week and see what happens?

I took a short drive up to Guardsman Pass in Park City because it was finally open - read that no snow on the road. It is a beautiful scenic drive up to the pass with breathtaking views.   If you are ever in Park City, it is one of the must sees - that is as long as the snow has melted enough to get through.  Check out these photos and you will see that there is still a lot of snow, but the road was clear...


This week is crammed full with guests visiting, school ending and hopefully yard work if the weather cooperates.   So, I will be skipping this week's goals for now.

Thanks for dropping by...
See you tomorrow...