Friday, May 16, 2014


What does simply living mean to you? Does it mean limiting your possessions to a certain number? Does it mean doing without things that you secretly desire? Does it mean an extreme minimalist lifestyle? A better way to ask the question is 'Do you own your 'things' or do your 'things' own you?'  Let's think about 'stuff' this week.

I have been watching Small Space, Big Style, an HGTV show about just that - small space with big style. (By the way, the episodes are on YouTube.) It really is interesting to see the different styles that folks enjoy.

For instance, in one episode the space took minimalism to the extreme. There was only one place to sit in a large room and that's it. Entertainment things like a tv were hidden in wall shelves. Now, I do like simplicity but for me, this was extreme. However, the owner loved it.

In another show, a very small studio was stuffed full of furniture and decorative items.  For me it was a bit claustrophobic but it was what the owner loved.

So,what about you? What's your style?   Have you ever felt that you just owned too much 'stuff'?  Are there times that you would like to just chuck it all.   There is a formula of sorts to use when deciding about 'stuff'   

If an object is something of beauty to you, or has meaning for you, or is even something that you desire, then you should keep that object.   If it doesn't fit in any of those categories, maybe it's time to let someone else have an opportunity to own it.

Many folks at the beginning of editing their belongings have a bit of discomfort. I know I did. But once that initial editing process carried all the way through to actually giving the stuff away happens, most feel like I did, relieved and lighter. And by the way, I would suggest that for that first editing, you select only things that you really want to remove.

If there are items that you are not sure about, why not place them in a box, out of sight for several months and then take another look to see how you feel about them.

Simplifying 'stuff' does have benefits. Less time cleaning. Less time decorating. More time to spend on what you want. Take a look at your 'stuff' and decide what works for you now and what doesn't. Then simply remove what doesn't work.

More on shading...

Well, I'm not too happy with this journal page.   I think I may want to work on it more.   

I made more origami Geisha's.   They are going to be used for a tag art swap...

Well it's time to see how I did with this week's goals...

1.  Finish the guest room - 95% done
2.  Finish organizing the patio area - done
3.  Finish organizing the trailer - done
4.  Exercise every weekday - only two days - a busy week
5.  Lose one pound - yes
6.  Organize my bedroom (it got turned up-side-down today) - done
7.  Post every week day - done
8.  Zentangle challenge every week day - done
9.  Finish one swap - 80% done
10.Work on fences - totally missed this one

Well, another week has slipped by...
They do seem to go fast, don't they?
Thanks for stopping in...
See you on Monday...
Have a great weekend...