Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Well, today was a continuation of yesterday...rain, thunderstorms and wind.   Very, very unusual weather for this area.   Yesterday the wind was so strong that things were blowing away.   I went outside to retrieve some items and unfortunately, while trying to pick them up, a strong wind gust knocked over the swing right on my head!!!   I had a goose-egg the size of a baseball.    And

Only a few more days left in this challenge.   I will be sad to see it end.   Hopefully, I will be diligent in continuing to drawing Zentangles several times a week.

r /> I was unable to walk today due to the rain but I have been taking pictures while out walking because I have been noticing the different shades of grasses/weeds.  Have you taken the time to really look grass or weeds?   Check out these pictures...

Colors from brown to beige to pale green to almost white.   I want to try to capture those colors in some of my creations like fabric landscapes and colored pencil drawings.

I don't know about you, but I find that when I am a creative mode, especially drawing, I comprehend a lot more of what I see.   Take grass, or weeds.   When I'm not paying attention, things just run together.   But when I really look at something, all the details jump out at me.

Thanks for dropping in...
See you tomorrow...