Friday, July 11, 2014


Another day of rain...storms, actually...but I will take water anyway I can get it.   And this area is in need of a lot of it.

So how are your electronics doing?   Remember the old commercial - "It's ten pm, do you know where your children are?" Well, I could ask the same, it's daytime, do you know where your electronics are?

If you're like me, you have a lot of them AND probably would not want to do without most of them.   Think about it:  tv, radio, computer, dvd player, game consoles, readers, mini computers, notebooks and, of course, the smartphone.   And that doesn't count all the old electronics that are accumulating in your storage areas!

Now, I am the last person to tell you to take an electronic vacation...I have never managed to completely do it myself.   But, a lot of people swear by it.   What I have done is to limit my exposure on certain days.   For instance, checking e-mail only once a day on weekends. Changing what I listen to.   If it's talk shows, trying music instead.

Did you know that there is a movement to drop cable?   I bet you even know someone who has stopped cable.   By the way, with an inexpensive antennae you can get over-the-air stations.   I haven't had cable for a long time BUT I do have internet access.

So what am I getting at?   I think our electronic things are great, but not if one is constantly tied to them.   I suggest you try a mini-vacation, even for a couple hours, or change up what you usually listen or watch.  Nothing drastic, just start slowly and if you like the results - feeling less tense, more relaxed, having time for other pursuits - maybe you'll want to continue with more mini-vacations.



The horses are a working team and their names are Ben and Jerry!!!

How did I do with this week's goals?
1.  Lose one pound - yep
2.  Exercise every weekday - missed a couple days
3.  Post every weekday - yep
4.  Continue organizing my trailer - almost done
5.  Continue working on the fence - not a bit
6.  Finish tag swap - yep
7.  Continue the writing project - very little
8.  Draw up plans for video - nope
9.  Finish blog plans for this month - almost done
10.  Read, Read, Read - yes, yes, yes

That's all for tonight...
Thanks for coming by...
See you on Monday...
Have a great weekend...

RIP Jim, you will be greatly missed.