Thursday, July 10, 2014


We had rain, thunder and lightening, wind and a double rainbow yesterday.   Today is partly cloudy and breezy with moderate temperatures.   Perfect.   Much better than the snow we had a few weeks ago!!!

I had a problem coming up with the design for this swap but when I finally decided to have the Sea Maiden behind an umbrella, it was easy to plan.   And how did I come up with that idea?   The 'Glitter Fish' stickers had whales on them and the tail looked just like the tale for a Sea Maiden (or Mermaid).

This is how I made the swap:
I painted the bottom with ultramarine acrylic paint.   For the sky, I added titanium white to the ultramarine.   When the painted sections were dry, I painted the middle section with tacky glue and sprinkled on sand (I collected about a tablespoon from the beach.).  

While the tag was drying, I placed some tacky glue into the plastic pail and added three tiny seashells (Also collected from the beach.)

After the tag was dry, I added the sun (cadmium yellow) and sea grass (phthalo green).   Using tacky glue, I added the five shells - three on the sanded areas and two in the 'ocean' area.

Next I placed the glitter fish in the 'ocean' and the whale glitter fish in the right area to fit under the umbrella.   I left the whale whole rather than cutting off the tale to give the impression that there was something under the umbrella.

For the umbrella, I folded a small square in half three times giving eight sections.   I cut the end so it looked like the points were spokes.   (See picture.)  I glued all around the edge of the 'umbrella' and applied it so the 'Sea Maiden Tail' was sticking out from under the 'umbrella'.  Once the umbrella was dry, I faintly drew on the folded areas with a black marker.

For the note at the top, I cut out a small piece of yellow paper and wrote 'Don't Forget Sunscreen'. After gluing it to the tag, I also glued on a small clothespin.

Next I punched a hole in the middle bottom and added a grommet.   Using a thin chain, I added metal seashell to the bottom.   At the top, I used some thin chain which I strung through the tag hole and the pail.   I then used thick tacky glue to hold the pail in place.

When everything was dry, I finished with a coat of Diamond Glaze to give added security for holding everything on the tag, especially the sand.


I added a couple of items to the journal page:   A Heart and a Hand both outlined in black marker and decorated with a gold pen...

And a couple of odd pictures...
'X' marks the spot...

And a line of rocks...

That's it for today.   I hope you enjoyed the swap directions.
Thanks for dropping in...
See you tomorrow...