Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Do you enjoy discovering new ideas, or understanding how things work, or keeping up with technology, or even learning how to improve your capabilities? I have always enjoyed learning new things and a great benefit is that it keeps my mind working.

I love to take on-line classes, especially free ones, learning new techniques for my creative projects from quilting to drawing and everything in between. But, I also like to broaden my understanding about academic subjects like astronomy, or mathematics, or fossils, or ancient cultures, etc.

There is an overwhelming abundance of semester long lectures on just about any academic subject you can think of, offered free, on-line, for non-credit, by many major universities. Right now I am going through a series of lectures on physics. (Yes, I know most folks would consider that punishment.) But I am also learning about creative writing and Roman Gardens! There's a wide spectrum of subjects!

The following is a list of Universities that offer free courses/lectures

John Hopkins University – courses on health and science
Carnegie Mellon University – courses on science, language, engineering and social sciences
MIT – courses on architecture, engineering, health, humanities, management and science
Stanford University (On iTunes) – offers multi-media courses on teaching, science, religion,   history, art, etc., etc., etc.
University of California – Berkeley – offers webcast courses on You Tube and iTunes, again in a variety of subjects
University of Notre Dame – offers courses on everything from art to science
Open University – a great on-line learning institution which offers over 700 free classes

If you've ever had a question about something, I bet you can find a course that would give you the answers.   Why not try one...won't cost you a dime, and it will keep your mind working...

I really love this Zentangle.   The design just plain works.   This challenge has not only given me new designs but also a better sense about putting together an entire Zentangle.

I've been playing with watercolors lately...
I have never been very good with them but I decided to try a new approach...less planned, more free.   For instance, blobs of color instead of a distinct flower outline.  I kind of like the results.

I'm back to circles for my journal pages.   Watercolor on watercolor paper.   Again, have no idea where I am going...any suggestions?

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