Thursday, July 17, 2014


Welcome to all WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE visitors.   I'm happy you're visiting my studio.   And yes, it is a studio on the go.   Meet Lady J (Explorer) and Duchess (my trailer).  Duchess is an eighteen and a half foot Dutchman Sport Travel Trailer with approximately 140 square feet of space...

I did a lot of remodeling after I bought the trailer - removing the very small sofa and the dinette table (which I used for my desk) and two benches - which gave me a lot more space.   Here's where I lounge in my rocker recliner.   
My craft books are within easy reach on the bottom shelf.   And part of my yarn is on the second shelf in a basket along with a basket of journals, sketching pads, etc.   I have more yarn in the red footstool next to the recliner.

Above this area is a shelf which holds several boxes of my fabric.   I enjoy making mini-quilts/wall hanging so I have lots of small pieces.   By the way, those pieces above the recliner are some of my own creations.

My trailer is fully equipped.  There's a full kitchen...

And a place to sleep...

The cats sleep on the upper bunk.   And to the right of this area is a full bathroom.   All the comforts needed.   By the way, here are my companions, Chip and Dale...

But the most important place is my creative area.   
It may not look like much, but with this set up I have everything I need to do just about anything I want.   

The tall set of drawers have my stamps and stamp pads, my acrylic paints, watercolor paints, brushes, spray inks, punches, small tools plus a lot of miscellaneous items...

In the picture below, the top drawer in the left section of drawers contains a variety of different papers to use with multi-media collage, the second drawer contains my stickers and various like items, the third drawer contains a really large variety of printed papers and the bottom drawer has my old items like postcards, magazines and book.

The top drawer in the middle section of drawers contains all my colored pencils, pens, markers, etc.   The middle drawer contains my glues and paint items like gesso and extenders.   The bottom drawer has all my beads and beading items.   
There are several other sets of drawers which contain my ribbons, laces, sewing items, embroidery floss, quilling supplies, etc, etc, etc.  The two sets of drawers under the table are on wheels for easy access.

And, there are shelves above this area which contain even more supplies.   I even have a sewing machine which is stored behind the recliner when not in use.

So you see, my studio, although small, affords me the opportunity to do just about any type of craft I would like to do even when I'm traveling.   And I travel a lot.   If you ever find yourself thinking about traveling and wondering if you could still create.   Yes you can.  I do it all the time.  

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of my studio and I look forward to seeing you again.