Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Wow, yesterday was awesome.   Have you ever felt so good that you said to yourself 'I feel 10 years younger'?   Well, I said that at first, but then I realized that what was really happening was that I was totally energized.

Yep, walking the avenues and riding the subway in NYC was energizing for me.   I was walking around with a perpetual smile on my face just enjoying the constant noise of the streets and the crowds of folks.   Call me silly...and many of you probably are right now...but I love New York City.

Anyway, I was so into everything that I forgot to take lots of pictures.   Sorry about that.   I promise to do better on Friday when I go back in to look at several more apartments.   I did take pictures of Grand Central Station...

And the Grand Central Market...
The market was joy, it is one long aisle full of every type of food you can imagine.   And the spices! I can't wait to visit all the different ethnic shops and stock up on really good fresh spices.

I met my rental agent and we went to three apartments on the east side between 89th and 77th Streets. (I walked almost seven miles!)   The first was a definite no.   The second was a probably no.   And the third was a 'keep it on the list'.  

The first two were on the avenues and they were above commercial establishments.   The third was on a residential street.   If I remember right, avenues are mainly commercial and streets are mainly residential.

So on Friday, we are going to the west side of Central Park and looking at apartments as well as a couple more on the east side.   I had hoped to be in an apartment by Christmas, but it may take a bit longer to find something that feels right to me.

The good thing is that I can live in Duchess where I'm at for as long as needed.   And I have bathroom facilities as well as an electric hook-up.

The only problem occurred after I got home yesterday.   Walking almost seven miles on concrete, in new shoes, was a bit more than my muscles appreciated.   I'm used to walking on dirt roads or roads made with more forgiving material than concrete.   So I had an interesting evening of muscle spasms. Surprisingly, my feet did not hurt at all!!!

One thing that I wasn't expecting to see were all the thrift shops including Goodwill in the east side communities I visited. Made me rethink what I will be bringing down from Portland, ME which is where all my 'stuff' is stored.  

I just may bring my shelves, one bed, two chairs and about 60 boxes and maybe my bike.   The rest of the things I can pick up cheaply at a second hand store or off the street (yes, there were things on the curb for taking).   And I really do enjoy buying 'flea market' stuff anyway.

Well, that's what my first day was like.   I have to tell you that I was a bit concerned about being able to navigate on my own.   My kids said, 'Don't worry about it, mom.   It will all come back to you.' And they were right.   Took me about five minutes and I felt like I'd never left.   I guess it's kind of like bicycle riding.   Once you learn, you never forget.

Did you remember that Thanksgiving day is a week from tomorrow?   I didn't! I thought we had two more weeks.   Surprise!   Surprise!  

Thanks for visiting...
I'll post more after Friday's adventure...