Monday, November 24, 2014


Friday's adventure was just as great as Tuesday's. I arrived at Time's Square.

First up, coffee at Starbucks. Have you tried the Chestnut Praline Latte? I love it.

From Time's Square, I walked down to Macy's. This is what you see at one of the entrances to Macy...I bet you know what that building is!

Inside the store and up the wooden escalators. I love the clack-clacking of the old escalators.

All the way up to Holiday Lane...

Next back to midtown. Do you recognize that corner building? Radio City Musical Hall!

One more block, turn the corner and yep, there it is...the Rock Center Christmas Tree in preparation.

I decided to have lunch at Cucine&Co on the lower level of the Rock building. From this level you can see the ice skaters.

Lunch was great...fried calamari and sauteed summer squash. Delicious, and surprisingly inexpensive.

So from there I went to meet with my rental agent on Central Park West, right across from Strawberry Fields and the memorial. I took out my trusty camera (actually, my phone), turned it on to take a picture only to find that it was totally out of battery power. It's an old phone and the battery drains fast...I'm getting a new one soon.

As a result, I could not take any more pictures. I did see three more apartments. They were tiny (they call it cozy!) but two of them did not have full kitchens. They had two burners, a small microwave and a one cubic foot frig. 

Sorry. I need at least an apartment size stove with oven, a sink and a frig – at least the size of the one in Duchess.

The third had a great kitchen but it's five windows...yes, count, 'em, five...were under a roof. It was bright and sunny outside and no natural light inside. Again, no.   And once again I walked almost seven miles - 6.96 miles to be accurate.

So, as this is Thanksgiving Week and my rental agent is spending the week with her family, I will not be looking at apartments until next week. I knew I wasn't going to get an apartment before Thanksgiving, but now I am wondering about Christmas.

On the weather front, it was so warm today that I opened up the trailer and put up the fence for the kitties to go out. It's going to be warm again tomorrow so they should have more time outside. On the negative side, the wind is wild. Duchess is rock and rollin'.

And, of course, snow enters the picture on Wednesday mid morning through Thursday. Attending the parade is questionable at this time...:(

So how are your Thanksgiving plans coming along?   If possible, I am going to the parade, then back here for Thanksgiving Dinner at the local bar again.   Last year they had a dinner (potluck of sorts) for all their patrons who were alone on Thanksgiving and for anyone else who wanted to attend.   

There's a new journal prompt posted.   

Thanks for dropping by...