Thursday, November 13, 2014


I guess my blogging has become a bit sporadic lately.   Gearing up for major changes is probably the reason.  Since my last post, I have stopped at two KOA's on my way to getting to a location close enough to NYC to start looking for an apartment.

Right now I am at the KOA at DeerPark, NY.   First of all, this is a great place. It's right on the Navsink River.  And although much is closed down now, it is open all year.   And the managers are great and helpful.

Check out these pictures of the campsite...
By the way, the water pictured is not the river which is much bigger.

Deerpark is close to the point where New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania intersect.   There is much to see here:  Delaware Water Gap, Stroudsburg, Port Jervis etc., and beautiful scenic drives like 209, especially in the fall.   It's definitely worth a visit.

So, this weekend I will be traveling to Beacon, NY.   It's closer to NYC, right on the Metro North Hudson Valley RR.   And the place where I can stay is free!!!  Next week, I will be visiting my agent to look at apartments.   So, things are progressing.   

I posted the week's goals a while back and I am happy to report that I finished them all:
1.  Make reservations at campsites
2.  Contact NYC rental agency
3.  Spend two days with grandchild
4.  Ready Duchess for winter
5.  Check receipts against bills
6.  Make plans for the next two weeks
7.  Work on e-book idea
8.  Ready books for discussion
9.  Work on Holiday presents
10  Walk every day
11.  Meditate every day
12.  Lose 2 pounds
Well, I didn't walk or meditate every days are a bit difficult to get those things in.   

The temperatures have really dropped here.   Weather for nesting so I decided to make some chili for smells wonderful!

There's a new prompt posted...think about it.

By the way, I will definitely post my NYC adventures from looking for an apartment, to settling in, to exploring the city.   Should be fun, don't you think.   Hope you come along for the ride.

Thanks for visiting...