Thursday, November 6, 2014


Know what I did yesterday?   Nothing!   Absolutely nothing that I needed to do.   I did talk with my regular Wednesday morning friend.   And I talked with another friend in the afternoon.  

Then I watched several second season episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries...a great tv show produced in Australia.  And I slept.   I actually stayed in my pjs all day.

So, today I worked on planning my next move.   Yesterday it seemed impossible.   Today, I'm working on it.  

Do you ever get to a point where you can't see which way is up?   That's where I was at yesterday.   That's also why I decided to just take a day off...completely off.

So, is it any easier today?  Probably not, but when you look at a mole hill and see a mountain everything seems impossible.   Today, I saw the mole hill for what it was...a small bump in the road.

I do have plans now for the next couple of days and by the end of tomorrow, I think the next couple of weeks will be planned out.

Thanksgiving is this month and then the downhill slide into the December holiday season.   Are you ready?   Me, I think I will tackle one situation at a time...first up, find a place to live!

A couple more pictures of fall...

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