Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Well, I was going to be traveling on Monday but with the wild weather the East Coast had been experiencing I decided to stay put, we had winds gusting to 40MPH around here. Duchess was rocking and rolling. Windy still but not quite as bad. Also, parts of Maine had 22 inches of snow! That's 22 inches folks. Anyway you measure it, that's a lot of snow.

So I decided to stay put for a couple more days. Pulling a trailer in wind is not fun. Then I found out that one of my grandchildren was out of school on Monday and Tuesday, so we wound up spending those days together.

Now, my tentative departure date will be Saturday. 

I haven't listed my weekly 'To Do' for a while but since so much in flux right now, I thought I would share what I hope to be doing this week:

1. Make reservations at campsites
2. Contact NYC rental agency 
3. Spend two days with grandchild
4. Ready Duchess for winter
5. Check receipts against bills
6. Make plans for the next two weeks
7. Work on e-book idea
8. Read books for discussion
9. Work on Holiday Presents
10.Walk every day
11. Meditate every day (21 day Deepak meditation)
12. Lose 2 pounds

Have you checked out the new monthly thought and this week's journal prompt? What do you think? It's kind of like the idea that life is a journey, not a destination. Life is a series of questions, you may get answers but questions motivate the journey.

I find that questions are what give me direction. For instance, one of my leading questions right now is what purpose is there in my life right now?

I am still a mother and grandmother, but my children are adults, on their own, so that part of my life no longer needs constant attention. I was a spouse but now that my husband is deceased, I no longer need to attend to that relationship. I am retired so those activities no longer take precedence in my life.

Thus, my question: What purpose is there in my life now?   Are any of you wrestling with that question?   Have any ideas on discovering the path to find the answer?   I'm kind of stumped right now, so suggestions would definitely be appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by...