Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Yep, I realized that I do want to make/take another case.   This one will hold quilling supplies.   Quilling you ask?   I have all the tools (very simple ones) to use for quilling.   And I used to love doing it but for some reason, I packed the supplies away and forgot about them.   So, I am making a case to hold the supplies and tools.  

I have decided that on this vacation, I will only be traveling about a third of the time.   The rest (about six weeks) I will be spending with family and friends.   I thought it would be a great time to renew acquaintances with some old crafts - like quilling - as well as spend some concentrated time on things like my colored pencil drawings.

So, I made an executive decision to only take a few fabric supplies incase I really have fabric withdrawal without some small project to work on.   I made a perfect case to carry a small amount of things several years ago and still use it.   I think the box was originally a stationary box that I picked up at a bookstore on the discount shelves.  

I'll take some pictures of the fabric box and post them tomorrow.  And the quilling case should be finished by then so I post pictures of it also.

Can you think of any other craft cases I may need?   Stay tuned, I still have to check out my supplies to see if there's anything else I want to make/take.  Oh, and I need to take pictures of my studio so I can post them at Where Bloggers Create in July.

The weather this evening is cool and delicious.   A slight breeze.   And the smell of rain.   So, I guess that means more rain coming.

Tomorrow, the Bronx for lunch.   With cooler weather (high of 72) the place should be okay even without the ac working.  

Thanks for dropping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...