Friday, April 22, 2016


I wanted to share some of the trees that are blooming around here...

Blooming seems to depend on how far from the water the trees are located.   Closer, fewer trees in bloom.  Further, more trees in full and past bloom stage.  

I choose to end my walk by the water today.  You can see how hazy it was...

What was interesting was that it was much warmer in the park and in the sunlight by the water than it was walking the neighborhoods a few blocks away.   So my question is...why are the trees in the park by the water so far behind?   And yet, the dandelions are beginning to go to seed...

There are lots of rocks that bolster the walkway...

But why are there so many leaves in the walkways?

I ended up the week a little better than anticipated.   To get back in walking shape, my goal was to walk definitely a mile each day.   It turns out that my average was one and a half miles each day.   Some days, like today I walked more (3 and a quarter miles) and others I walked less.  That means I walked 10 1/2 miles this week.   Next week's goal is to walk 12 miles.

We were supposed to get some rain today but the storms are apparently sliding to the east of us. The next bout of rain is scheduled for over night, beginning around midnight and ending in the morning. I am not holding my breath for this because the storms truly seem to split and go right around this little area of Brooklyn.

So, do you have big plans for the weekend?   Mine are pretty simple:
- Enjoy my PBS cooking/crafting shows
- Work on a fabric art piece
- Continue reading the book I began yesterday (I am finally starting to read my Easter Basket books.)
- Make a stew with the vegetables that need to be used
- Go for a walk in downtown Brooklyn and check out the new Michaels

For those of you celebrating , my Passover wish is that you enjoy the warmth of family and friends as you gather to remember and partake in Passover.

For those of you celebrating Earth Day, my hope is that each of us will touch lightly on this vessel we call Mother Earth.

Thanks for stopping by...
Talk to you next week...