Friday, May 20, 2016



I saw this beautiful Iris on the way to the subway this week.   I simply had to stop and take a picture. Then I noticed that the rose bushes next to it were full of buds.   The owner was working in her garden and I complimented her on the beautiful flowers telling her that I would be back next week to photograph her roses.   She smiled and said thank you.  I guess spring is truly here...

I read something this morning that made me stop and think. Basically, it was the sentiment that each day is a gift.  And what we do with that gift is really up to us.  Now, I know that there are things that we have to do like work, taking care of children, shopping, etc. But how we approach those activities is really up to us.  We can dread them or we can look at them as opportunities.  

For instance, I don't always like to go out and take care of errands. So what I decided to do is to try to make those I meet a little happier.  No, this doesn't work in busy places, but it does work in small communities.  What do I do?  I greet each person I meet on the street.   Many are stunned...after all this is New York City!  But most still smile and greet me back and some even stop and talk to me.

And to let you in on a little secret, I always feel happier and actually enjoy accomplishing the errand that I am on.  So, next time you're out and about, give it a try.  You'll be surprised at how much better you feel.

Here are a few more tags.   The theme for this week was 'quotes' however you wanted to depict them. So the first tag is really easy...All You Need Is Love.   The second is a little more difficult..Grow Through Creative Inspiration Challenges.

Both of these tags are symbolic of the familiar quotes.   The first is...Love Makes The World Go Round.   The second tag is...A Bird in Hand...

I hope you have great plans for the weekend.   It's supposed to rain both days here.   A good time for me to work on my fabric art.

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Talk to you next week...