Monday, May 9, 2016


Well, I went to bed last night thinking I would be doing something completely different this morning. But when I got up, I changed directions and put today's plans on hold until tomorrow.   I'm not really sure why but that's what happened.

So what did I do today?   Well, I cleaned...make that deep living room area.  You know, moved everything, polished all the woodwork, washed the windows, aired out my rugs, cleaned the walls, rearranged the room so it's easier to get around, etc., etc., etc.

It took most of the day, but it does look nice and shiny.   I did clean the rest of the apartment but not as deeply as the living room.   I think I just needed to accomplish something that was tangible.   You know, I could actually look at it and say, "I did that!"

There's a new weekly prompt posted, one that I really appreciate.   Last week, we turned around and remembered where we had been.   This week, let's focus on standing still and appreciating where we are at.  

You know, a lot of folks don't take the time to really appreciate not only where they have been, but also where they are at right now.   For some, it's not enough.   For others, it too much.   But stop and think.  

Where you're at right now is a really a result of where you've been. It's time to stop criticizing yourself about what you don't have or haven't done.   Now is the time to appreciate yourself, what you have accomplished, where you have been and what you have.

Many of us are all to eager to talk down what we have done, to feel that we have failed at some goal if we haven't arrived forgetting the fact that we tried, basically to belittle ourselves in our own minds. Well, this week's prompt is one way to stop all that and count the ways that we have succeeded.  And most of all, to appreciate ourselves.

Well, today's plans are on for tomorrow.   What are they?   I'll share them tomorrow if all turns out well.  Wish me luck.

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