Friday, January 27, 2017



This weekend is going to be a relaxing one with one exception. I need to take someone to the garage to get their truck fixed...early Saturday morning. I hope to be back to watch some of my PBS craft and cooking shows. That is if they are not running fundraisers.

So among my weekend wonders will be reading the next book in a cosy mystery series, exploring and making another in the fabric and yarn painterly effects series, working on my next workshops and baking some bread or buns. Nothing really spectacular but enjoyable all the same


Do you take advantage of things that are helpful to you? The internet, for instance? Say you want to learn a new technique in mixed media. Rather than purchasing a book or video, do you explore the internet?

Not being one of the children of the electronic age, it took a bit of time for me to adapt but now when I want to find something out, my first thought is the internet!

And I love You Tube. That's where I can find tutorials on just about everything. What's the advantage? Well, you can get all the information you need with a simple internet connection. And that, folks, is a great way to save money and still find what you want.

So, how else can you take advantage? Well, consider grocery shopping. Stores offer sales on products on which they will take a loss just to get you into the store. Have you ever considered just purchasing those sale items only?

I have a general rule of thumb that I only purchase items on sale. If it's a product that I need often, I will purchase enough to carry over until the next sale. One note:  I will always make sure that the sale product is the cheapest version of the product because some house brands may be cheaper. But, by shopping sales only you are taking advantage of a store that is trying to take advantage of you. And you're saving money at the same time.

Entertainment? With small budgets, entertainment is usually one of the first things to be eliminated but it doesn't have to be. Check out free events in your area. I bet there are lots of free things to do from concerts, to movie screenings, museums that offer free admittance at special times, etc.

I have done everything from free lessons on bird watching, to free concerts and free movies. to special museum exhibits, to international tastings, to craft lessons, etc., etc. Great adventures for the price of a subway ride...can't beat that!

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