Tuesday, February 14, 2017



It's so sunny and bright outside that I almost feel I could go for a walk and find these flowers. Of course, the radiators blasting out heat would indicate that it may be a bit too cold outside. As well as the wind.

Speaking of which, I was in midtown yesterday for most of the day and even with the mild temperatures (40's), the wind was absolutely brutal. The gusts were so strong that folks had to fight to stay upright!

So, quite a few folks attended the guild meeting last Saturday even with less than perfect walking conditions (snow and ice). The snippet workshop was a complete success and the results were unique from the traditional flowers to modern art.  And all the participants were really surprised at how far the bonded fabric went. I let everyone keep their leftover bonded fabric and they were excited to continue using it at home. Can't wait to see the results.

The creativity session went well also but trying to cram a 4 to 6 hour workshop into 20 minutes, with a hands-on activity, was difficult and for me seemed only superficial. I did give the participants an assignment and I decided to do the assignments myself.

First of all, each was to choose a word(s) for the year. Some found it difficult and others found a word immediately. Me? Well, it took a while but I finally came up with two words. (Yes, I know it's really three!)


Seems kind of simple, right? Well, I have found myself in somewhat of a funk...I may choose to do something but not do it. Or, I may do something without actually taking the time to assess and choose the activity. Does that make any sense? Not to me either!

Second, each participant was given a banner. This was not to be a design banner, or a decorative wall banner but an inspirational banner. Something which each participant would create to inspire them to celebrate and explore their creativity.

Today, I combined snippets and fabric pens to come up with this inspirational banner...

Seems a bit incomplete doesn't it? Well, my idea was to have this vine with flowers (you know how much I love flowers!) encircle the outside. That leaves the inside in which I can add things on a temporary basis because we all change. And what inspires us one day may not the next. Right now I am looking for phrases and words that will encourage me.  I'll share them when I finish. And this banner will be hanging front and center on my shelves!

Finally, each participant was asked to keep a 30 day diary on something they want to improve, start, think about, etc. 

You can probably guess what my focus will be...choosing and doing. So each day, I need to make a conscious choice about doing something and then do it.  Seems simple. Like yesterday, I had an eye doctor appointment in midtown and I choose to take more time to explore areas which I had not been to before...and I did it, even with the wind. Day one done, only 29 to go!

That's all for today folks...
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Is this really only week four of the new administration???
Yep, it is...keep the faith...
Talk to you tomorrow...