Monday, April 17, 2017



I hope everyone had a great Easter Celebration with their family and friends. My was, well, shall we say, a bit frustrating and it was all because of the R Train!  It took literally twice as long to get to Court Street as it normally does, and even with train construction, that's a long time. And, of course, the intercom was so bad that no one could understand what was exactly going on.

Added to that, there was a homeless man on the train with definite problems and everyone migrated away from him. I didn't move towards him while the train was traveling, but I did go to the closest door to him when I exited at Court Street (finally) and gave him a $20 bill. I always have dollar bills easily accessible when I travel for folks asking for money. I know some think that giving money is crazy but I feel that no matter what, even if it's a scam, I would rather give than not give. And for some reason, seeing how folks, by their action, treated this homeless person, I felt moved to give him something more than my normal donation...thus, the $20.

Because of the delay in getting to Court Street, I debated whether to go to church because it was almost half over. I went and I'm glad I did. First of all, it was Jazz Sunday and it was the last Sunday for one of the choir members, so the special music was fantastic. 

Getting home on the R took a bit longer, but only about 20 minutes, so I was able to get back to my apartment and finish getting ready for dinner.


I did manage to snap a couple flower photos. These tulips were outside the UUChurch that I attend...

Remember this photo from last Friday?

Well, this is what the tulips look liked on my way home on Easter...

So bright and cheery that I couldn't help but smile!!!


Easter you can see, I went with potato salad. It was really hot here on the mid to high 80's!!!

There are a few things missing from this plate but from the French Bread slice, clockwise, there is potato salad, spinach pies, kibby, jello salad and a boiled egg. And yes, it was all good. Only some leftovers.

Today I was going to my Monday Auspicious Stitchers meeting but I stayed up so late last night catching up on 'The Call of the Midwives'. that by the time I was able to function this morning, it was too late to get ready and catch the R train. And since I had to go to Manhattan (much further than Court Street), who knew how long that would have taken!!!

Also, I decided that instead of waiting until tomorrow (which is what I normally do), I would do my taxes today. They are done and already e-filed!  

Now I am going to get back to listening to Plato's Republic...

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Talk to you later...