Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I was originally going to blog about my latest modern art creation along with the next installment of the "We're Still Kicking Quilters". But after what happened today, I can't. I am old enough to remember very well the Nixon Saturday Night Massacre. It seems to me that with the latest firing of Comey, director of the FBI, along with previous firings (i.e. Yates and others) that this is the Saturday Night Massacre in slow motion.

Make no mistake, unless the Republicans decide that our country is more important than their party, or their own interests, our democracy could be in more jeopardy than it has ever been in modern history. Even with the Nixon situation, the Republicans were on board with finding out the truth.

Tom Brokaw gave the best immediate advice...stop and take a deep breath. I will, but I am concerned and will remain that way. And for me the best way to express that concern is get involved even more so politically. If you have the same concerns about our democracy, I hope you will get involved also.