Monday, January 7, 2019

Once again, this is not a current picture.  It's from Maine during one of the snowfalls.  The white dots on the picture are snowflakes captured (not very well) by the camera.

I have been looking for other workshops to give at the guild and another one I choose is Confetti Quilts.  It is similar to Snippits but in this case, the pieces of fabric do not have an adhesive backing. 

I began the process by cutting (with my rotary cutter) small pieces in different color waves...
When I want to use some of the confetti, I can start with pieces this size and using the rotary cutter on a mat, I can run over a small pile to make small pieces.

I am going to begin with something simple at first.  Maybe flowers or a tree.  Some of the videos I have watched use net or tulle to keep the confetti in place.  Some use a light spray of spray adhesive.  And some just simply sew over the loose pieces. Not sure which I will try but am leaning to use net or tulle.

Since Christmas, I have been drawing small (Artist trading card size) doodles. I really zone out when I am doing this...sort of meditating.  Here are a few,


This weekend was supposed to have been a time to finish organizing my goals, plans, etc. for 2019. Well, first of all, there were four football games.  But, on Sunday we wound up with a dog...yes, I did say dog.  Cute & well-behaved. 

One son who hikes, found the dog on a rock in the river.  No collar, in excellent shape, well-behaved but all alone.  He and a couple other hikers rescued the dog.  He then tracked down the rangers who wanted to see where he found the dog (to make sure his owner was not in the area in distress).  They then registered the dog but had no place to keep her.

So, home the dog came.  Today, we went to the vet to see if there was a chip.  No such luck.  We then toured the trail heads to see if lost dog signs were posted.  None. Thus, we have a dog at present.  The interesting thing is that the dog is fine with the cats.

I wouldn't mind keeping 'Honey' (which is what we call her.) if her family doesn't come forward but that arrangement will have to be made with the landlord.

Well, it's been a busy day.  I am slowly getting back into the grove of a regular routine but each time I think I am getting there, something completely new makes it's entrance into my life. Guess that's what life is all about...

Thanks for visiting...
Talk with you tomorrow...