Thursday, March 21, 2019


If you notice, the picture above is the same one I used for the sides of the blog.  I was looking for a picture of open lilacs which I remember taking some years ago but this was the closest I found.

So today I wanted to find out which medium was better for needle  felting.  I had a dense foam (like the kind used in pillows), regular styrofoam and foam used for flowers.  I also used the same amount of time for each piece. 

First up was the foam used for flowers.  I found that the felting process did not leave as smooth a top as I wanted.  When finished it should be relatively smooth and one continuous piece.  That wasn't the case.
You can see the individual strands.  Also, if you look at the foam, you can see where the needle penetrated and that area became very soft.  So no go for this foam.

Next I tried regular styrofoam.  This was much better and somewhat smoother.
There are fewer individual strands noticeable with this foam.  Also, the styrofoam held up very well although I think that it would eventually begin to disintegrate but this is a workable medium.

Lastly, I tried the foam found in pillows.  I thought I purchased a large block but it turned out to be four thinner pieces.  I did use a double thickness.
For the most part this was the smoothest.  Note that I did use two pieces on top of one another.  From past use, I know that this will eventually (although only after quite a bit of use) soften.  However, I can turn the piece over and use it.  And with double thickness, that gives me four sides to use.  This seems to me to be the best medium to use.

If you have never needle felted you will find that you have to lift up the piece after a bit of needle felting.  Although hard to really see, this next picture shows what the underside looks like.  Remember the needle pokes the wool roving through the fabric (I use felt) you are using.

Some folks like to anchor the piece with pins like this.
Remember, though that you do have to lift the felted piece off the medium to release the strands.  If you wait too long, it could be difficult.

A lot of needle felters make three dimensional objects.  I prefer to make flat pieces for embellishments or jewelry.  Which ever you choose to do, make sure you have protection for your fingers.

As I said, I enjoy making flat pieces.

None of the above pieces are completely finished.  I am still in the getting used to felting but I have to say that I do enjoy it very much.  It's kind of meditational as long as you pay attention and do not poke you fingers.  These needles are very sharp and they have barbs on them to help felt the wool.

Well, today was a rainy, grey day.  No sun at all.  And the temperatures were in the 40's.  Not very warm.  But still, the snow is gone and I do see buds forming on the trees and bushes, so spring can't be too far behind.

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