Wednesday, March 20, 2019


I did it.  I completely cleaned the interior of SnowWhite.  She's as clean as she was when I first bought her.  Of course, it took about four and a half hours.  I had my phone in my pocket so when I checked it, I had walked three-quarters of a mile just cleaning the truck. 

I hung an electric cord out the window so I could use the vacuum, I washed everything including the mats.  And I organized all the items I wanted to keep in SnowWhite.

I also took two bags - one of clothing and one of miscellaneous household items - to the Goodwill store.  I did wind up purchasing four books to read.  I was surprised that I found books by authors I love.

Speaking of Goodwill, I have been putting one item in my Goodwill Box a day.  I began doing that about two weeks ago.  I  was going to wait until the beginning of April and then I thought, why wait. So I began.  And the items have to have some worth to them.

For instance, we have enough food processors in the house so I put mine in the box.  I have also been going through my clothes.  I really don't need anywhere as much as I did when I worked.  I basically dress in jeans and sweats or jeans and tees.  So I can donate a lot of my dressy clothes. 

I didn't  have time to work on any creative projects today but the forecast for tomorrow (as well as Friday) is rain, so I hope to spend most of the day on my projects.

That's it for today...
It was great to have you visit...
See you tomorrow...