Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I drove by a yard where there were tons of these flowers in the ditch next to the road.  I tried to find a place to pull over and take a picture but there just wasn't any spot available.  I remember at my grandma's house in Ogilvie, on the old Marine Road,  she had tons of these growing in the ditch next to the road also.  Ahhhh...what sweet memories!

So today has gotten very warm.  Think it hit 90.  Sunny.  No rain.  I did work in the garage spraying the walls and ceilings.  I also got the bench cleaned off and sprayed with vinegar.  Going to spray one more time especially below the bench because there's a lot of mold in the back. 

I need to make build a brace for one end of the bench which is over six feet long.  Once the brace is in place, the bench will be sturdy and I can start using it. 

I haven't really touched the back half of the other side of the garage.  Very, very dirty and wet, although not standing water.  I won't be using that area, but I will clean it a bit more.  The landlord stores a lot of stuff there like old paint cans, etc.

We tried to set up an ac unit and it's not working very well.  Guess we will have to think about getting a new unit for one of the bedrooms. 

One son has his shoulder surgery tomorrow morning so my day will be tied up until he comes home, unless they decide to keep him overnight.

Think I will bring a book to read and something to work on - read that guild information. 

Here's today's Haiku:
Change brings surprises
Some find exhilarating
On toes each must stand.

See you tomorrow...