Tuesday, June 25, 2019


It did rain today, as forecast.  And the humidity was quite high, still is even now.  I did get more done in the garage.  And as I thought, if anyone has swept that place it had to be in the last century.  As a result, I do believe that I have an allergic reaction so something.  Good thing that I took a shower after finishing working in the garage.

I am going to pick up a couple gallons of distilled vinegar tomorrow and start spraying the walls and ceiling to destroy the mold issues.  I want to do that before I actually do any carpentry work fixing the work bench, etc. 

Why vinegar and not bleach?  Well, I found out that bleach only cleans the surface whereas vinegar penetrates and kills the mold.  So vinegar it is.

I am happy that my garden is in a fence because this is what I see in the yard most days...
In other words, we have deer!!!

I made another couple of calls to guild board members this afternoon.  I only have a few left which is nice because I am closer to developing an agenda for the July meeting.

Think I am going to take some meds to counteract whatever allergy I seems to be experiencing.  Here's hoping that it works.

See you tomorrow...