Monday, June 24, 2019


Busy day today working on several household projects.  After cleaning the kitty litter boxes, gathering the garbage, doing the laundry, cleaning the living room, dining room and kitchen, I decided to tackle the boxes in the garage.  Four boxes full of broken down boxes later as well as four large garbage bags full of styrofoam, I feel that I can now tackle the rest of the garage.

It's actually in pretty bad shape.  The workbench is falling down, there are lots of empty paint containers and garbage and I don't think it has been swept in a decade!!! 

Tomorrow, I hope to spend a couple hours and begin to put the place in order.  We have some nice workshop equipment that I want to set up so that when I get back from Utah with Duchess in tow, I can begin the remodeling that I plan on doing.

It was sunny this morning but as the day progressed it has become darker and darker outside.  It looks like rain but nothing is forecast until 2am.  Guess that means that I need to bring in the lawn chairs this evening.

My flower garden next to the house is thriving.  With the exception of three plants, so is my container garden.  I did lose those three, however.  Both dill plants are gone and that process began right after I transplanted them into a larger container.  Also, my greek oregano is gone.  The Italian oregano which is in the same pot is very healthy and growing large.

I took some more photographs for ETSY this afternoon.  Now I need to begin the process of writing up each creation.  One of the things I need to do is use as many search words as possible to assure traffic coming to my site.  Think that will take a lot more time that I had originally scheduled.

And, of course, there are still more calls to be made for the quilt group.  But I am on the downhill side of this and the last two were more positive than I would have believed which made me feel good about the process.  Ah...ever hopeful.

Here's today's Haiku:
Sitting in the sun's
Warmth allows my body to
Relax and enjoy.

Hope things are going well for you...
See you tomorrow...