Friday, September 27, 2019


Eyes or no eyes?  Folks wanted to know if I was going to add a face to the snowman.  You know, coal for eyes and month and a carrot for a nose.  Well, I wasn't going to but now I am not so sure.  Here's the snowman again without a face...
So what I am going to do is find some large black faceted beads for the eyes and mouth.  But for the nose, I am going to make a carrot shape out of paperclay.  I should be able to do that over the weekend and let you see the results next week.

BUT my major thought today centers on the Learning Something New Prompt on change.  How do you view change?  Two adages about change come to mind:

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got.  (Yes, poor English but this one has been around a long, long time.)

And the second one:
You never step into the same river twice.

Two different ways of thinking about change.  The first one, for me, represents resistance to change...not wanting to step out and make changes.  The second one, again, for me, represents the fact that change is inevitable...that everything changes constantly and there is really no way to stop it.

When I was writing my 'morning pages' about change this morning, I realized that I have always looked for change in my life.  Change to me is exciting.  It means that my life is not stagnant.  I am always exploring, always looking not only for new things to try but also looking at new ways to understand the familiar.

Consider my quilting.  I first learned how to quilt.  Then I learned that I could break some of the rules and results were still striking.  Now I am looking at working with fabric that somewhat represents a quilted piece but it is so completely different from the norm that it is hard to pin down what category to place it in.

There are times when I like to stay at home and hibernate (nesting was the term we used back in the day) and there are times when I like to go out and travel and see new sites.  But I look back at both those experiences and realize that although the basics of staying or going were similar, I always wound up changing what happened within those basics.

So what about you?  Are you someone who prefers things to stay the same or do you enjoy change?  And interesting question?  How would you answer it?

Have a great weekend...
The Packers lost last night so I'm hoping the Vikings win on Sunday...
Talk with you on Monday...
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