Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Connecting With The
Earth On Which We Live Leads To
Loving Care For It

The weather was cloudy, very dark and misty.  There were even street lights on in some of the areas that I traveled.  I remember my mom always wanting to know the high and low temperature and pressure.  I never understood why she kept those in a little notebook.  But I do find that I comment on the weather more times than not.  Maybe it runs in the family. 

So I visited my two favorite places...Goodwill and Salvation Army.  No chairs but I did find a lot of inexpensive baskets and a metal candle holder...
I plan on using the baskets in the kitchen for things like onions, potatoes, apples, etc.  Right now those things are using several of my bowls which I need.  So this was a, let's face it, cheap alternative.  They cost a total of five dollars!

I also picked up some mugs to use at the next workshop which is in ten days!!!
Yep, they were only 99 cents.

Of course, grocery shopping was also on the list.  Dinner is in the oven.  A simple casserole.  While I was out, I stopped at several places to pick leaves...
I realized that I don't have any wax paper.  I was wondering what would happen if I laminated the individual leaves.  Any ideas?  I think I will try it making sure the leaves are dry but to the point that they crack.  I may remove the stems first.

So today's prompt was to find something that I felt was missing in my life right now.  I realized that by moving out of the city, my friends with whom I met weekly are no longer in my life and I miss them more than I thought I would.  Traveling into the city is pretty expensive, so doing it weekly would put a big dent in my budget.

I did find a weekly group that meets out here, mostly quilting, but other crafts are welcome.  I think I will find out where they meet and join them next week.  

I am still working on my crocheted trees for the Holiday Party.  And I finally looked at the Christmas Magazine and found a ton if ideas to make.  There are so few of those magazines anymore.  I know, I go to Pinterest and other places on the WEB but sometimes it's nice to just look through a magazine.

My thoughts go out to the folks in California who are in the path of the fires.  Please stay safe...

That's all for tonight...
Talk with you tomorrow...

How do you feel about the things
that surround you - your stuff?
Are they a blessing or a curse?
Do you own them or do they own
you?  Are there any changes you
want to make about all your stuff?