Thursday, October 31, 2019


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I ran out this morning to pick up some candy in the off chance that someone would come to our home trick or treating.  We had no one last year and I doubt that we will have anyone this year.  We live on a somewhat busy road with no walkway nor place to park.

But, just in case, as I said, I went out to pick up a bit of candy...and I was definitely overdressed in jeans and a was 73 degrees, humid, misty and cloudy.  I had to take a look at the calendar to make sure this was the last day of October.

We have not had a freeze yet so I am not sure how the apples are doing at the local orchards.  They usually like to encourage folks to come after the first cold snap.  And I really can't say that this is Indian Summer because we really have not had much cold weather!

I did try to laminate the leaves...
They turned out better than I thought BUT it took more than one pass through the laminating machine and several laminated leaves were destroyed.  

I am going to go out tomorrow and pick up some more leaves and try it again.  I found some beautifully orange leaves and the tree across the street is turning brighter and brighter red.  I have to say, they are doing better than when I ironed them with wax paper.

Today's prompt (from yesterday's post) focused on the 'stuff' we own and how we feel about it.  I have decreased the amount of 'stuff' I own considerably.  One of my son's took a lot of things...and, of course, as we now share a home, the stuff is back.  But it's not so much that I feel overwhelmed.  

I have gone through my clothes and am down to about a third of what I used to own which wasn't very much when compared to most other women.  If there is anyplace where I probably have more than I need it is in my studio.  I went through my fabric this past spring and again this fall so that is under control.  But, I have several things related to crafts that I tried and am no longer interested in and I need to gather those up and donate them.

But, for the most part, I think I am in pretty good shape 'stuff' wise.  I enjoy what I have and do not feel it a burden.  What about you?  Are there things you would like to donate but have separation anxiety?

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What do you hold as sacred, not in
a religious way but holds a special
place in your life?  How do you honor
that sacredness, that specialness?