Monday, October 21, 2019


Wow, another month on the way out...sometimes I feel like yelling 'stop the merry-go-round' I want to get off!!!  Still not experiencing that slow down that my elders complained about.

So, today's Learn Something New (only one more to go) was interesting to me as a child of the midwest (Well, among the south and other places that my family moved to as a child - actually, even as an adult I have moved a lot!!!)

The question posed was remembering how I used to 'craft' and how my 'crafting' has changed?  I took quite a bit of time restructuring, in my mind, how I used to 'craft'.  And one really big factor stood out.  I used to craft with abandonment...just enjoying that actual process of crafting.

But now I only craft with a purpose...that good old Midwest Work Ethic really was instilled in me.  Everything done was done well and with a purpose beyond you.  In other words, having fun to just be wasn't looked upon with favor.  That was considered selfish.

I do remember eons ago when folks from the midwest had a leg up on employment because of that Midwest Work Ethic.  Employers knew that they could count on Midwest employees to devote themselves completely to the employer.

Well, I hope those days are gone because as the old adage goes, 'All work and no play, leads to a dull life.'

Course, now I have to get back to my own struggle with that...'crafting with abandonment'!  Even tho I do craft, I frequently...make that always...find a reason to do so even if it is just to show folks on my blog how to do something.

I don't think I have 'crafted' with abandonment for decades.  Sad when you think about it.  I guess I was always putting the 'you' in front of the 'me'.

At my age, advanced as it is, I don't think I should tarry much longer before I 'craft with abandonment' and enjoy crafting just for me.

No, that doesn't mean that I will stop crafting with purpose...right now I am still crocheting trees for the Holiday Party in December...but I have to schedule in time (Really, I have to schedule my time even tho I am retired!!!) for crafting just for purpose...just kindergarten...just cut and paste and draw and paint and cut and sew.  All for no reason but enjoyment and abandonment. 

Care to join me....

Thanks for dropping in...
Talk with you tomorrow...