Thursday, November 14, 2019


Worrying Will Leave
You With Distress, Facing It
Will Ease Your Anguish

No, the above picture is not a flower or tree...well, there are trees in the background...but I do love to photograph deteriorated buildings, especially barns.  Unfortunately, with so many farms in bankruptcy, there are more in this area than there should be.  Family farms are losing to corporate farms.  Not good.

So my dentist adventure did not turn out well.  The first place I went was not open.  Checking the web site, they did not post hours.  The second place I walked in and walked out immediately.  Before I choose a dentist, I want to see what the facility and front staff are like.  The smell was bad enough at the second place, but just looking at the build up of dirt turned me off.

I guess I will have to try again tomorrow but I do want to watch the hearings.  Hopefully I can find someplace outside of the hearing hours.

I went to the Dollar Tree Store and picked up a ton of coloring books,  puzzle books, little notebooks and some toys.  The house is still looking pretty messed up with donations and kitchenware all over the place.  But I finished counting and I do have a ton of socks, hats, toiletries.  But I am short on stockings and bags.  Going to order some colorful non-woven cloth bags to fill out the rest.

This morning's prompt was about finding time to fulfill our needs.  I find that I am not as regular about that as I should be.  I do find myself in a place where I simply have nothing more to give.  When that happens I realize that I have put everyone else's needs in front of mine.  

And I learned my lesson long ago, when I had nothing more to give, I can't support others in their time of need.  You know when I learned that?  I learned it when I was a young mother with small children to tend.  I used to find time for myself when they were napping or before they got up or after they went to sleep.  But, I learned that I really had to find the time to take care of myself.

Now that I am much older, the need is still there but sometimes I forget to take that time for me.  I really thought at my age that I would have all the time in the world to tend to my needs...NOT HAPPENING!  I hope all of you have tended to your own needs...

Thanks for stopping in...
More hearings tomorrow...
Maybe a dentist find?...
Talk with you later...

Tomorrow's Prompt
Is there something that you are worrying
about?  What steps can you take to either 
alleviate the worry or change your 
reaction to it?