Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Empty Vessels Mean
Wells Run Dry And Hope Departs
Fill Yours Up With Love

Today was spent in front of the television watching the hearings.  One thing that was interesting was the amount of stations that carried gavel to gavel coverage.  A lot more than I would have imagined.  

Listening to comments after the hearings only cemented my feeling that we are getting more and more tribal.  In general, if you were liberal, you saw the illegal act by the president.  If you were conservative, you saw nothing wrong.  My question - if the House does not impeach or the Senate does not convict, then is this how business is conducted going forward on both sides?

I did continue sorting the donations and counting up amounts.  I am down to a few more items including stockings and draw string bags and socks.  So far I have more of some things than anticipated but less of others.  On the other hand, I do have more cash to actually go out and purchase what I need to fill the stockings and draw string bags.  

When writing about today's prompt, I discovered that I was looking forward to some things with the Holidays and ready to let go of others.  I still want a tree, the house decorated and outside lights.  And I want to participate in some community festivals.  But I don't think I will bake as much.  And I want the Christmas dinner to be casual.  I have decided that I will cut down on the presents I send...making sure I give to the grandkids (Probably Money).  But other things will be hand-made (If I can find the time.)

I also found that many of the ads were bad.  The one about blackmailing Santa disturbed me.  That particular company has so many good ads, I am not sure why they are using this one.  But to be honest, I usually tune-out all commercials.

That's it for today...
Tomorrow, I look for a dentist...
Not looking forward to that...
Talk to you tomorrow...hopefully...

Tomorrow's Prompt
We are all busy with life but we need to
find time for our own needs.  Have you
carved out that time for yourself?  What
plans can you make to ensure that you
have that time?