Friday, November 22, 2019


Heavy Burdens Rob
Your Heart Of Love And Wellness
Remove Them With Care

I can't believe that it is already Friday...sorry I wasn't here for Wednesday and Thursday.  Hearings, house cleaning, and a head cold or sinus left me without much time or energy.  Today, I took all the donations to the Goodwill in Paramus (around 40 miles away) because I can donate everything at once.  The Goodwill Stores around here only allow a couple bags at a time.  And SnowWhite was full.

I also stopped at Barnes and Noble while there.  It has a giant used book section...found three used mystery books.  I was actually looking for a small holiday lego sets like a tiny train or reindeer for stocking stuffers.  I haven't found anything like that at my usual stores.

On the drive, I went through a park and above is what it looks like...the leaves are on the ground and things are different shades of brown.  But, instead of being drab, it looks rather intriguing.  I can see so much further into the wooded area...and yes, there are deer.  (Hope the bears are beginning to find their winter sleeping dens!)

Well, the main floor is finished - cleaned and re-arranged.  I'll do a quick pick up on Monday but for now it's done.  I even hung a picture that has been waiting to be hung for almost a year!  Next, my bedroom which needs a good cleaning and some repair work in the bathroom so that's on tomorrow's calendar...and maybe the guest bedroom but I think that's in fairly good shape.  Just needs a bit of sprucing up.

Hope you have lots of plans for the weekend that you want to do...
Be kind to yourself and take some time to do what you want...
Talk to you on Monday...

Monday's Prompt
Do you feel overwhelmed in any area of your life?
Can you identify why you feel overwhelmed?
What steps can you take to reduce that feeling?