Tuesday, April 21, 2020


We had a ton of rain today...I had to take someone to drop their car off at the garage and the windshield wipers in my truck had a hard time keeping up it was raining that hard.

Today, I wanted to try to make a bag with quilting.  Instead of going to the internet, I decided to try and figure it out myself.  I began with two fabrics and cut out two (one of each color)  pieces 11" by 26", two (again one of each color) pieces 2" by 46" and four pieces (two of each color) 9" by 5".

Sew the two long pieces (2" by 46"), right sides together with 5/8 inch seam on both edges..  After sewing, turn and iron the long piece.  Then top stitch 1/4 inch from the edge on both edges and cut in half.  These are the handles.

Next take the 9" by 5", one piece of each color, right sides together. Sew around the perimeter leaving about two inches to turn after trimming the corners and then iron.  Sew two of these and put aside until needed for pockets.

Now take one  of the large pieces of fabric and layer with a piece of batting leaving one inch on all sides.

Add the yellow piece of fabric, wrong sides sandwiching the batting.  You can see how the batting fit here...

Next put one of the 9" by 5" finished pieces where desired on the front side of the large piece and sew one line from top to bottom to bottom attaching the pocket.

Then take one side of the small piece and folded it over to the other side.

Sew several more straight lines an inch apart from top to bottom.  On the last line put the pocket back in the original position and catch it with the sewn line.   Repeat on the other side and this is what it will look like.  Finally sew across the bottom of the pocket only.

Fold in half with outside (purple) on the inside.  Double fold the edges so no unfinished edge is showing and pin.  (Note:  This will strengthen the edges.

Sew the fold twice.

Fold the top down with a double fold to hide the unfinished edges.  Tuck the handles under to conceal unfinished edge.  Pin and sew at the bottom of the fold with 1/4" inch seam.  (Note: The sides are very thick so sew slowly.)  Sew around one more time 1/4" from the top, again catching the handles.

Finally take the remaining 9" by 5" finished pocket and fold it lengthwise leaving about an inch at the top and sew up the sides.  Then sew the top on the inside of the bag between the straps.
And that's it.  A finished quilted bag.

For the first time sewing this, I think I did a good job.  And the batting and double folded side seams give the bag a lot of strength.

That's all for tonight...
Keep safe and stay well...
Talk with you tomorrow...