Thursday, April 16, 2020


Those are dew drops on the flower.  It was interesting to find them when I downloaded the picture.  I didn't remember seeing them when I took the picture.  But I have other photos from the same shoot and the dew drops were there also.

So, today was a day to get out the mini-newsletter.  I had to finalize it, add some information from the guild board meeting (online yesterday) and do a bit of rewrites but it is done and out.

One thing I wrote about was Quilt As You Go Projects.  My first introduction to quilting was eons ago with Georgia Bonesteel's Quilting as you Go series.  Did you know that she filmed quilting shows for 27 years.  I think I have seen them all!!!

She has a great video on how batting is made.  "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Batting.  For some reason the video opens up past the beginning so be sure to move it back to the beginning.

Anyway, I have always been drawn to the quilt as you go projects.  First of all, I can take them with me if I am doing handwork.  But if I machine sew, it means that I can quilt small pieces rather than one large quilt on my regular sewing machine.

There are several series on YouTube about Quilting As You Go.  Two that I like are:
1.  Quilt As You Go Videos with Nancy Roelfsema, OnPoint-TV
2.  Quilt As You Go with June Tailor
Simply open YouTube and search for either series and the videos will pop up.

And for specific ways of sewing the blocks together there are two.
One without sashing:
And one with narrow sashing:

Well, that's all for today...
Keep safe and stay well...
Talk with you tomorrow...