Thursday, May 7, 2020


Can you believe that the weatherfolk are talking about freezing temperatures and snow for here this weekend?  I mean, really?  I was planning on taking out the rest of the summer things like the large umbrella and some tables, etc.  Guess I will wait.  Ditto for the trimming.  Snow!  In May!  In New York in the Hudson Valley!  Wow!

It has been a sunny day today but I have been chained to my computer (between bouts of shall we say being chained somewhere else).   I think I am over it least I hope so. 

But I had to cancel a SKYPE meeting because I was in the middle of the bout.  At least I now have the mini-newsletter out.  I am only about six hours late...but it's on the same day!

So, remember in my last post about using pieces with the powdered adhesive?

I wanted to add some blue around the edges but of smaller cut pieces.  Well I did and here's what it
looks like...

Completely changes how the entire piece looks.  I have to say that I do enjoy working with powdered adhesive and tiny fabric pieces.  Think I will continue...but not right now.  I have to get the snail mail newsletter ready to go.

That's all for now
Keep safe and stay well
Talk with you tomorrow...